Photo Contest Apr. 1 to Apr. 30, 2018

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Here's the prize for the winner who has the most votes -Tippy Toes Salon and Spa. Debbie Rodriquez [hairdresser to the stars and best selling author too] and her son Noah opened Tippy Toes in 2011. Tippy Toes has the feeling of "Steel Magnolias" - it's a community party inside the salon. When Deb opened she shared a few thoughts with Mazatlan Life:  “I am a hairdresser. My Mum is a hairdresser. I grew up in a hair salon and it was a happy place, every one left feeling good, as if they had shared something.” Her original game plan was just manis and pedis, and at the last moment she had her plumber install pipes “just in case I wanted a sink for hair.”  Deb did succumb to the lure of hair; she can’t keep her hands off your head. But only a few heads a day. She went onto say, “I want to take time with my customers, not rush the process, and when you leave you are going to be happy.”  Seven years later the customers are not only happy, but positively giddy about their Tippy Toes experience. Your gift certificate is for $600 pesos - use it for hair, nails, toes or the whole body! Tip is not included. Please present your certificate when you arrive at Tippy Toes. The gift certificate expires on May 1, 2019.

[Tippy Toes is located on Sixto Osuna #115 [across from Macaws and Museo de Arte] and is open Monday to Saturday at 10 a.m. Closing hours vary. Tippy Toes always closes for the month of September. To claim your prize it's best to phone the office at 669 981 3463. ]

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